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Subscriptions: minus, plus, magnum

duration: annual



what else do you want?


what are

Annual Subscriptions at a Fixed Monthly Fee in Advance of predefined Online Features & Services at a fixed price! Only if you are interested in doing business with other MADE IN ITALY BRANDs!

While we work for you ...

The PercorsiMPI Platform will invest in your BRAND (therefore in your Business) with a selection of Online Features & Services dedicated to generating highly personalized and vital Visibility & Valorisation for your future!

You will be free to take care of what only you are able to do best! Your job! To the Digital World | Web | Online! We’ll think about it!

For 1 year the PercorsiMPI Eco-System will work for you! Planning the Operational Activities needed to Capitalize Knowledge, Generate Learning and Program Propagation for your Potential Interested Audience!

Check the CARD-CLUB Plus VIP! Couldn’t find more!


The PercorsiMPI Eco-System does not sell, but selects and evaluates to invest with you on your Brand for 1 Year! You will have to decide how many and which Brand Investment Levels you want to activate!

First Level

It all starts with activating a type of CARD-CLUB Subscription for your Brand. The Higher your Investment on Subscriptions and on subsequent Levels, the greater our Investment for 1 Year!

Second Level

You can then invest in activations by BRAND Channel, Academy Department, Witnesses, Operational Paths, Propagating Campaigns, Web Payment Channels, Card-Extra! The more you invest the more we invest!

Third Level

If you have invested in the previous Levels, you can activate for all types: Agreements, CROWD (SE) Projects, Online Services, BRAND Fees, Orders! The more you invest the more we invest in you!

Fourth Level

In the end, if you have activated the previous Levels, you can also invest in activations for the two types of Projects: Integrated and Partnership! The more you invest the more we invest in you!

+ You Invest + We Invest

The mechanism is simple!
Each Order issued by the e-Commerce NEGOZIO is matched by a Brand.
Each Order can be issued either by the same Brand, or by other Brands, or by PercorsiMPI.

Which Subscription?

It all depends on how much you want to invest in your Brand and your Priorities!


The bare minimum for your Brand!

Plan: from 10 to 30 € / year


Complete management for your Brand!

Plan: from 15 to 45 € / month


Maximum management for your Brand!

Plan: from 60 to 100 € / month

In addition to the Plus

Coffee break

How many you know who invest with you, share your risks, work for you, guarantee you for 1 Year the best of the Digital World | Web | Online, at Off-Market Conditions do they let you try before activating, make you measure the yield, and don't force you to use your cash? Making your Brand Unique?

Only WE can:

Eco-Sistema PercorsiMPI


Each Subscription activates a reasoned selection of Standard Features & Online Services customized for your BRAND fir 1 Year. As easy as having a Coffee!

Take your 3 STEPS!

Your presence in the PercorsiMPI Eco-System starts by activating THREE STEPS:
(All without any activation cost!)

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